Affected vs. Effected

To find solutions for simple problems does not require complex thinking. But to solve complex issues, such as government policies, of course it requires the right approach. The issue of government policy can not be solved in a simple way. Why? For any government policy certainly has implications for people’s lives, both individuals and organizations, in various aspects. Therefore, government policies can not be wrong.

However, until now it seems there are still many products of government policies that are not based on the right approach. The solutions designed to confront a problem are often incomplete and contain many flaws. This is a result of the approach taken is not exhaustive. Every government policy suppose to take into account all aspects as a holistic manner. So the approach used can really describe the actual event. Exactly what components make up the problem? How is the relationship between components in a subsystem? How is the relationship between one subsystem with the other? How is the relationship between the subsystems with the main system? With the support system? With the environment? What is the process that occurs in these issues from START, until THE END?

The approach that can describe all of these things called the systems approach. It’s just that this approach requires the ability to comprehend many fields. This is the main problem faced by the formulator-policymakers who use the systems approach. While we see it is very dificult to find one who master many fields at once. Not to mention the issue of ability constraints using computer software to perform data processing system.

People whose background biology will usually describe the system as biological cycle or cycles of the food chain in an ecosystem. People whose background physics will try to explain system according to their background, too. They will certainly describe it as a system that understands the physics system. Suppose circuit electrical circuit with strong currents or weak currents. It might even describe the circuitry of the circuit telolet trumpet. In contrast to an exact science, a system that occurs in social issues, economics, politics, and the law is hard to describe. This is because the problems of social, economic, political and legal are  abstract. So only people who really understand the field as well as the objective are able to describe systems that occur properly.

In this website I will try to describe the correct formulation of the system of government policy issues. Especially issues or problems that always repeated every year, which has never resolved properly. For example:

  1. Realization of APBN/APBD
  2. Economic Growth
  3. Foreign Debt
  4. Primary Balance
  5. Exchange Rate
  6. Inflation Rate
  7. Barriers to Implementation of Infrastructure Development
  8. Infrastructure Funding
  9. State Procurement
  10. Industrial Competitiveness
  11. Investment
  12. SOE Management
  13. Natural Resources Management
  14. Tourism Development
  15. Food Security
  16. Fuel Price
  17. Electricity Tariff
  18. Health
  19. Education
  20. Combating Drugs
  21. Counter Terrorism
  22. Development of Papua

The website will also provide corrections to some formulations based approach to problem solving system that has been built by various parties, especially those that have been uploaded to the website. This is intended to enrich the thinking in the implementation of a systems approach. In addition, this website presents a page of statistics and decision-making process that is very useful to enrich thinking.

Hopefully this little work as outlined in this website is useful to support the formulation of government policies.